On-Site, Hands-on Training Electives

These add-on modules are available to help meet your requirements:

Transport Trailer/Tie Down - 2 hrs

Designed to help construction equipment operators understand how loading, transport and unloading accidents occur. Emphasis is placed on the causes of accidents using different style trailers and various equipment loads. Frequently overlooked dangers are highlighted with recommendations on how to avoid often fatal and always costly transport related accidents. Videotape enhanced.

Rigging/Lifting Fundamentals - 2 hrs.

Our most popular module covers rigging techniques using mobile construction equipment. Knowing what type of sling, cable or chain to use and how to secure it to a load is critical to safe lifting. Also covered are improper lifting and rigging scenarios. Videotape enhanced.

Hand Signals for Construction Equipment - 1-2 hrs.

Communication between equipment operators and other personnel on the job site is critical to avoiding accidents. SAE Standard J1307 - Hand Signals for Controlling Excavators and Backhoes - is taught using practice exercises and videotape.

Dump Truck Operation - 1-3 hrs

For equipment operators who load or sometimes operate dump trucks. Safety and communication between the equipment operator and the truck driver are the core concepts of this module.

Work-Zone Traffic Control - 2 hrs.

(optional 4 hour or 8 hour class gets into more detail)

While most "work zone" training emphasizes proper placement of traffic control devices and flagging techniques, crews working near heavy equipment inside the work zone are the cause of more accidents than most people think. Our focus is on the safety of the equipment operators and the nearby crews. Basic traffic control device and flagger topics also covered.

Soils Overview - 2-4 hrs.

All equipment operation is subject to the soil conditions at a job site. It is important to understand that various soil types can alter capabilities of the equipment and place an operator and the equipment at great risk. This module examines various soil types and makes recommendations as to required adjustments.

Trenching/Competent Person - 2-8 hrs.

This module helps the equipment operator understand OSHA's trenching regulations. The equipment operator is responsible for the safe operation of their equipment and without a "competent person" present, an accident (along with a potentially large fine) is waiting to happen.

Accident Prevention - 1-2 hrs.

A brief look at the top occurring accidents in construction. Also ways to prevent injury or even death at job sites.

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