Construction equipment training from VISTA - worth a small fortune in peace of mind

construction equipment operator training from VISTA

Don't take job site safety for granted. An accident could literally cost you your business!

Have you ever stopped to think about the cumulative costs of debilitating workplace injuries? We crunched the numbers to determine how much additional revenue would be required to offset the direct and indirect costs of an accident. In the construction industry, that number is over $5 million!

Don't believe us? You can double-check our math here.

Compared to the costs and revenue recovery involved in a typical accident, a well-designed, comprehensive safety training program is a bargain!

Are you facing any of these training challenges?

  • A growing percentage of trainees have no previous equipment operation experience
  • Trainees can't retain what they've learned from your existing training materials
  • Classroom training is inconsistent and hard to schedule
  • Incidents and near misses on your jobsites are higher than they should be
  • Your insurance costs are higher than they ought to be, because of past safety problems
  • OSHA is keeping a close eye on your work sites
  • Worker turnover creates a constant need for training

The solution to these training issues is here

VISTA Start Smart safety training products for the construction and utility industriesYou need top-notch, instructionally-designed construction operator training that will help your new operators retain what they've learned, become competent fairly quickly and become productive members of your team.

VISTA Training has been focused on providing heavy equipment safety training products and services to the construction industry for over 20 years. Our Start Smart Training™ is a trusted brand for contractors and equipment owners around the world.

Our training programs incorporate best practices in adult learning to help ensure that your trainees retain what they've learned and can apply it on the job. That translates into a safer, more productive work environment.

We offer a sizable catalog of construction training programs designed to help you create a safer work site, including:

Basic Heavy Equipment Operator Training - the Silver Series

Silver Series: Skid Steer Loader - Operation & SafetyVISTA's affordable Silver Series training programs cover basic equipment operation and safety principles in approximately one to two hours - perfect for new operator orientation or refresher training. These training programs are delivered via web browser and can be accessed on demand, 24x7. A final test and certificate of completion are included. Over 30 course titles available.

Titles include:

  • Track Excavator - Operation & Safety
  • Wheel Loader - Operation & Safety
  • Motor Grader - Operation & Safety
  • Dozer - Operation & Safety
  • Articulated Haul Truck - Operation & Safety
  • Heavy Equipment - Intro & Safety
  • Heavy Equipment - Pre-Use Inspection
  • Due Diligence - Alberta
  • Transporting Equipment

...and many more titles.

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Instructor kits - everything but the trainer!

VISTA Instructor KitsVISTA instructor kits provide you with professionally-designed training programs you can use to get your workers up to speed quickly. All you have to do is provide the trainer. These kits take care of everything else!

Titles include:

  • Jurnee™ Articulated Truck Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Backhoe Loader Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Dozer (Crawler) Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Excavator/Trackhoe Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Forklift (Standard) Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Loader (Wheel/End) Instructor Kit
  • Jurnee™ Skid Steer/Bobcat™ Instructor Kit

...and many more titles.

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Training videos

Here is a partial list of the construction and utility-related videos and DVDs that are available in our online store.

Trenching and excavation

  • NUCA Excavation Safety Orientation
  • In the Trenches: Excavation Safety for Workers
  • Confined space in Construction

Digging dangers

Click here to view the complete list of Digging Dangers videos we have available.

General operator safety

  • Hand Signals for Construction Equipment
  • Getting the Job Done Safely (worker orientation)
  • On Again, Off Again - mounting and dismounting heavy equipment

Tips from the pros

  • Backhoe Loader
  • Crawler Dozer
  • Crawler Excavator
  • Wheel Loader

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Affordable PC-based simulators

hydraulic excavator simulatorPC-based simulators from VISTA are a trusted and cost-effective way of improving traditional operator training programs in the construction and utility industries. They provide vital hands-on experience to trainees in a safe, instructionally-designed environment.

Titles include:

...and many more titles.


Pre-operation inspection checklists

  • Backhoe Loader
  • Crawler Excavator
  • Wheel Loader
  • Grader

  • Skid Steer Loader
  • Trailer Equipment
  • Concrete Delivery Trucks

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