VISTA Customers

VISTA's diverse customer base spans nearly every industry segment in which heavy equipment is used, including:

  • Surface mines around the world (including hard rock, coal and oil sands operations) - click here to view a map of our mining customers
  • Aggregate, stone, sand and gravel producers
  • Earthmoving contractors
  • Highway and heavy contractors
  • Utilities
  • Utility contractors
  • Unions and trade schools
  • U.S. state departments of transportation
  • Construction trade associations (including NUCA and APWA)
  • Hundreds of U.S. counties, cities, towns and villages
  • U.S. Federal government agencies (U.S. Fish & Wildlife, Army Corp of Engineers) and the U.S. military (Case training for the U.S. Army)
  • Equipment rental companies
  • Equipment manufacturers

No employee safety training company has the depth of experience and expertise that VISTA Training has in the heavy equipment industries. That makes life easier for you, because you don't have to invest as much time "teaching" us your business - because we already have a thorough understanding of it. This depth of experience also means we can bring fresh ideas and approaches to your operation - helping you to take safety and productivity to new levels.

VISTA is an ANSI Z490 committee member and participated in the creation of training best practices.

Examples of the diverse training programs we've developed

Type of Company Name of Organization Programs Produced
Government agencies U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Train the Trainer program for 34 heavy equipment operators; development of custom training materials, including pre-course study and refresher CDs for all USFWS operators.
State of Florida DOT Trained highway maintenance equipment operators on backhoe loaders, bucket trucks, skid steer loaders and cranes.
Riverside, CA Waste Management Department Designed training curriculum for scraper, dozer and compactor equipment types, plus a Train the Trainer program.
State of Connecticut DOT Produced bucket truck, forklift and roading equipment Train the Trainer courses.
County of Maryland Heights, MO (St. Louis area) Snow and ice training, road crew safety and hand signals training.
Illinois DOT Custom hands-on operator training and evaluation for over 100 people. Products covered included roller, skid steer loader, excavator and wheel loader.
Kane County, IL Multiple engagements for on-site training over several years.
Equipment manufacturers and dealers Tractor Loader Sales, Inc. Forklift training- Train the Trainer
Modern Equipment Train the Trainer on various types of equipment.
John Deere Corp. Developed numerous equipment safety and related videos for Deere's construction division.
Industry associations National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) Train the Trainer kit, development and on-site training program, development of numerous training titles.
American Public Works Association (APWA) Resellers of VISTA Training materials - APWA members get 10% off.
Canadian National Resources Ltd. (CNRL) Multi-year training program development, delivered via a custom online learning management system (LMS).
John Deere/Hitachi Custom haul truck and hydraulic excavator training program on CD (web-enabled)
LeTourneau Custom wheel loader training program on CD (web enabled).
Northshore Mining Custom rotary drill training program on CD (web enabled); mine operations production analysis.
Compania Minera Antamina S.A. Mine dispatch system operator training.
Suncor Energy Multi-year training program development. Program delivery via a custom online learning management system (LMS).

Focused on results

As the following case histories show, VISTA Training is focused on delivering bottom-line results to our customers - improving both safety and productivity. What can we achieve for you?

Title Problem Solution Result
Training effectiveness at Suncor Energy Suncor Energy was using computer-based training (CBTs) to educate new trainees to become haul truck operators. But they weren't retaining the knowledge they learned in the CBTs when they transitioned to the field, to train on actual haul trucks. VISTA developed TruckLogic™, an integrated curriculum that combines CBTs with PC-based simulation and structured on-the-job training and coaching exercises. This blended curriculum was the first of its kind in the mining industry. During a pilot program in August 2010, Suncor was able to reduce incidents (near misses) by 50% and increase productivity by 4.5%. These results have held even 1 year later. As a result of this performance improvement, the Suncor training department and VISTA Training received a 2011 Suncor President's Award. Click here to read VISTA's technical paper about this successful training program, which appeared in the October 2011 issue of Engineering & Mining Journal magazine.
$3 million in savings at Shell Albian Sands Shell Albian Sands was facing a shortage of large haul truck tires. A lack of tires could sideline trucks, adversely affecting the mine's production. VISTA developed Tire Care, a CBT-based training program that advocated a team-based approach to protecting and extending the life of haul truck tires. It has since been converted into a Silver Series training program, deliverable via the web. Through this innovative approach, Shell Albian Sands was able to extend haul truck tire life by 20%, saving over $3 million per year in reduced tire costs. Click here to read a more detailed article about this mining success story.
Finding qualified operators at the City of Kitchener The City of Kitchener, Ontario had a problem. It took an average of 12 hours to set up a jobsite for its practical exam, which involved running operator candidates through 5 tasks on a backhoe loader. But only 3.5% of the candidates were able to pass the exam, resulting in an enormous waste of manpower. The city purchased an hydraulic excavator simulator from VISTA Training, which was used to train operator candidates. By eliminating 20 applicants who didn't meet the simulator-based performance criteria, the city was able to save 240 man-hours and $16,000, not including fuel and equipment wear and tear. The simulator paid for itself in less than one year. Click here to read a more detailed article about this simulator success.

References are available upon request.

Contact us for more information

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VISTA training customers
VISTA training customers
VISTA training customers